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As Hazel, on 9-1-1.

A distressed young mother.


As a bayside woman on American Crime Story: Impeachment. A sympathetic fan of Monica Lewinski.

As Renee, in the TV pilot, Lost Angeles.  One of four friends in their late 20's living in the City of Angels: navigating love and loss, successes and failures, friends and lovers, and the sometimes painful, often comical, road to self-discovery.



As Amber (AKA "Ambah") in the series Choke.Kick.Girl.  A ghetto fabulous assistant looking for love in all the wrong places.


As Gallery Owner in The Strangely Normal. She has a few vices, but occasionally shares a bit of wisdom.


As a concerned daughter, chatting with father about his health.


Quaker Oats saves breakfast in a play on the show, What Not to Wear.

tv personality

As myself, offering helpful little life hacks for TLC's Uncommon Sense.

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